Monday, October 13, 2008

Gareth joins SJFA

Recently we noticed kids having weekend soccer session in the school just opposite our home. Called them up and was told we can have a trial session. Took Gareth there and he enjoyed it though now and then he needed some encouragement to stay till the end of each session. Gotten his own kit at the 3rd session and don't he look cool.. hehe..

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Day @ Escape Theme Park

Visited Escape Theme Park @ Downtown East on Hari Raya holiday with CJ & family. Lucky we had the NTUC member card thus we only had to pay for the adults and kids entered free. There were not many rides but weather was very kind to us being sunny with light drizzle. Alamak, I realised that the rides were all too small for me hehe... that's why I am not in the pics. I even had to get CJ to ride with Gareth in the roller coaster else I scared I might get stuck in there.. whahaha :D

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HP Swimming Carnival

Went to company's swimming carnival last Sunday at Bishan Swimming Pool. The door gifts were not really attractive with staff getting USB computer vacuum cleaner, guest getting skin relief massager and kids getting a bottle of bubbles. Anyway, the giant floats were fun for the kids though. For the boys, they just love the car and they patiently waited for other kids to let it go for them. Once the boys get it, hah, never letting it go out of sight!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I wanna make cookies

Invited Emily, Little Ethan and Little Elijah to our house to make cookies. When Gareth heard of this in the morning, he was excited throughout the day. He said 我要 make cookies 给我的朋友吃!Hehe.. he remembered giving out little bottles of mummy made choc chip cookies to his classmates on his birthday. He loved the cookies he made thus he made sure those cookies are on the dining table so that he can reach for them as and when he likes. What about Gavin? He did not make any but he's a little cookie monster. Need I say more whether he likes the cookies his brother made? ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gareth turns Four

Gareth had his 4th birthday celebrated at McDonald's at Kallang, a place more desired by grandma rather than him :-P. We let him choose his cake and surprisingly, instead of picking the most attractive figure in Cars, he had picked the funny "Mater". Should have plenty of photos to share but still waiting for our photographer on that day to provide them.

We gotten Gareth's progress report and we are delighted with the comments given by his teacher. The main statement that brings joy is to learn that he is praised for being attentive during lesson time and has an eagerness to learn. The concern from his pre-nursery teachers last year was his ability to be alert and stay attentive. We are really glad that he had made progress in this area. In fact, he is very interested in doing colouring now and that keeps him seated down most of the time at home.

Went to the Bird Park last weekend. It has been a long long time since myself have been there though Gareth went there on a school excursion last semester. Probably that's why he grew bored very quickly and wanting to go home after we paid 55 bucks to enter. Wow.. really ex to visit this place and nothing much to see other than trying to spot certain birds among the trees or bushes. Looks like it will take another long long time before we visit this place again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maiden bowling game

Last Sunday after breakfast, it was bright and sunny so we thought we could head down to the beach at Sentosa. As we were driving down towards south, the sky gets cloudy and nearing Sentosa, it was already raining. Thus we made a detour and head to Safra Mount Faber instead. There is a bowling alley there and we let Gareth have his first game of bowling. This centre does not have kids lane so no side barriers to block the balls from going into the "longkang". Gareth laughed at each time the ball drops into the longkang but felt greater joy whenever the ball managed to knock down some pins :-)
All ready to head for the beach
Put on shoes and ready to bowl.. while Gavin got his snacks and watched the game
Doing a quick pose ;-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Botanic Gardens

We have been hearing of this new section of Botanic Gardens for kids known as Jacob Ballas Children Garden so we decided to venture there since we were in Orchard in the morning. We did not check the exact location of this place within Botanic Gardens so we parked the car at the car park near the visitor center. Looked at the map there and was told by the reception that it will take 15 mins walk to reach there. Weather was quite ok so we took a slow walk there. The boys enjoyed it as they were allowed to roam around. So the boys were given their maps and off they go.

Hmm... which way to go???

Gavin: Come come.. follow me...

Gavin: Yeah see.. found a checkpoint... we are on the right track ;-)
Since the walk is quite long, I tried to make the journey by getting Gareth to look at the flowers, leaves, butterflies and spiders. Here's 2 big spiders we caught a glimpse of.

Spotted this bird which we don't know what species it is :P

When we reached the Children Garden, the boys liked this green house so much they spent almost 20 mins walking in and out, opening and closing the window.. hahaha... Thereafter, the boys went to play at the water area and no pics to show coz papa walked all the way back to the car park and drive it to the car park at the Children Garden entrance.